Kaster Architects provides services for a diversity of project types, sizes, and scopes.  Each proposal for services is tailored to the Client’s specific needs.


Preliminary Phase 

  • Initial Design including plans and elevation views with material selection for Client review
  • Work with City Planning Departments to secure approvals

Construction Document Phase

  • Perform code research and work with jurisdiction agencies to acquire building permits
  • Produce refined  plans, elevations, sections & details
  • Partner and coordinate with engineering disciplines to refine construction documents

Bidding Phase

  • Prepare and release Bid Documents and respond to bidder questions
  • Compile bids for Client review
  • Coordinate between Client and Contractor for value engineering items

Construction Administration Phase 

  • Construction observation and answer Contractor questions from the field


  • Partnering with Contractors to provide positive integration between design and construction to produce best solutions for our Clients, integrating process benefits
  • Include analysis during design process to gain an understanding of construction cost
  • Streamlined communication and other project processes resulting in greater efficiency


  • Layout site to maximize uses as directed by the Client
  • Partner and coodrdinate with Civil Engineers and Landscape Architects
  • Work with local Planning Departments to meet requirements and receive approvals


  • Field investigation of existing buildings
  • Verify lease areas and calculations
  • Production of lease documents and plans for Client use
  • Accessibility reviews for existing facilities